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In the long list of unforgettable John Holmes classics, Eruption may be his finest work. Notorious for his gigantic member, people often overlook his sincere and talented acting ability.

Hired by a devious sexpot, played by Leslie Bovee, Holmes kills her husband for the life insurance money that will make them both rich. The murder goes off without a hitch, but when a persistent investigator causes trouble, the Hawaiian island grow increasingly treacherous.

Eruption is a glimpse into the art of John Holmes. His extreme facials and convincing acting matched with a big budget film noir story make for one of the greatest xxx films of all time.
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Filmed in New York under fake names to prevent arrest, notorious director Bob Chinn, A.K.A. Wizard Glick, put together a phenomenal movie starring John Leslie as an elevator repair man who meets a gorgeous tenant played by C.J. Laing.

The encounter leads to a hardcore sequence of sexual decadence that begins with super hot sluts spreading their legs and climaxes with an unforgettable orgy.

The Honeymooners is a premium classic made in a time when shooting porn was illegal. Despite the restraints, Bob Chinn delivers another masterpiece.
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Tells the story of two brothers, Shane, an outstanding member of the proper society, and Able, a nefariously selfish hustler who strives for happiness in its two most sinful forms: SEX and MONEY. When their wealthy uncle dies and leaves everything to Shane, able goes on a mission to cash in on the loot.

This is CLASSIC XXX at its fines. Filmed in his prime, Ron Jeremy shows off his phenomenal acting skills and infamous sexual talent.
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